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Mindfulness - find peace in a frantic world

Yoga Class


(mindfulness-based stress reduction)

Would your workforce benefit from improved productivity and reduced absenteeism? 

Would you like to discuss how a wellbeing program would work in your workplace?


Do you, as an individual want a happier life? Do you feel like you need focus? 

  • Mindfulness/meditation workshops


Research has shown how mindfulness helps to break the cycle of stress, anxiety and depression.

Even if you do not suffer from the above, it can help prevent burnout!


As part of my hypnotherapy training I learnt NLP and various other tools also taught in counselling.

I believe stress contributes to ill health so by working on mindfulness, relaxation and their mindset can help someone reframe a 'stressful' situation.


I tailor therapy to that person/group of people, looking at them as a whole (holistically) discussing their mindset, work and their lifestyle.

Stress, anxiety and depression can come about from various factors. I am not a replacement for a GP but can look at how individuals can increase their serotonin levels and make little changes over time to improve their wellbeing.

I also give talks to small groups about stress and anxiety, having been all too aware of the pressures in the finance world but also in other industries, both big/small corporations.

I am also a mental health first aider and specialise in stress, anxiety and depression.

Drop me an email at or call 07513 531009 to discuss more.


Karen Lewchenko ACA

Below are just some examples of exercises during mindfulness sessions that were created in April 2020 - they will also be explained during the course as to their purpose. 

I currently run weekly mindfulness sessions via zoom every Tuesday at 7pm until 23 June 2020.

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