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Hypno anti anxiety help

The hypno anti-anxiety is here...a fresh approach to helping you move forward from anxiety in a go-getting way!

Do you want to axe your anxiety?

My very latest service brings you a hypnotic / coaching process to help desensitise your anxiety immediately.

Helping you to move on today not tomorrow.

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering a brand new service to clients. 

This is an innovative, totally unique programme tailored to YOU and YOUR individual needs and requirements.

Everyone is different and unique so this is definitely not "a one size fits all" but bespoke and individual.

This programme is suitable for those suffering from anxiety and this will be assessed by working together on the initial consultation.

This programme has been developed by Dr Sue Peacock and Steve Miller. It is designed to help manage anxiety and most importantly to move forward in a confident way.

If you are ready to move forward from depression then book a free consultation online or email so together, we can develop a programme specifically for YOU.

Hypno AntiAnxiety can be used in conjunction with Hypno AntiDepressant.

Hypno AntiDepressant Features In The Sunday Telegraph Health Care Innovations Supplement.

Hypno AntiDepressant is a breakthrough in supporting clients with depression, and we are thrilled to have achieved the status of being featured by the Health Innovations Supplement Of The Sunday Telegraph, and at the same time to be receiving such positive client feedback.

Hypno AntiAnxiety & Hypno AntiDepressant: 3 Recommends For Your Week Ahead:

1. To stimulate your positive mood, deliberately walk tall and make a couple of changes within the home to symbolise positive change such as adding new furnishings or de-cluttering.

2. Re-asses the perception you have of what you believe your life should be like, and make changes to your perception to make things more realistic. Start with a short term perception change so that you 'chunk up' your future timeline. Perceptual change will help you to reduce the heaviness of your anxious mood.

3. If you are struggling to sleep because of anxiety and depression, ensure that you turn off your mobile phone 2 hours before sleeping. We will be talking more about this topic in your 1:1 sessions.

Book your free telephone consultation today.

NB. This is part of the hypno anti-depressant program (we can discuss your individual needs during the consultation)

See video below filmed in April 2020. Furlough feeling fed up, explaining some elements of the hypno anti-depressant program, a hypnotic motivational program to help boost your mood!

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